Real Mums

Real Mums

18/11/2020 – Due to COVID 19 restrictions, This meeting has been cancelled till further notice.

Real Mums is a group for women with children aged from birth to early primary school years. The aim is for mothers to meet together to be supported, encouraged and equipped. Real Mums will run from 9.30-11.00am fortnightly in school terms in our Community & Children’s Centre at 23 Crafter Street. The cost is a gold coin donation.

A major goal of the group is to connect with the young mums in our community, bless them and reveal Jesus to them. We will do this through ‘Blessings’, accepting all women unconditionally and creating a safe space for them to share and ask questions.

Blessings will include a lovely morning tea, acts of kindness to mums in need, and simple gifts for first time mums and mums with new babies.

The other main goal of the REAL MUMS group springs from God’s call to the older women of the church to teach the younger women to love their husbands and children. Through the ups and downs of motherhood, no one better understands what it takes to be a mum than other mums. The young mums will have the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and experiences with one another. The older mentor mum will teach younger mums on parenting and relationship topics each fortnight.